What we did well in the 1st half

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What we did well in the 1st half

Postby BlueCheeseHead » Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:01 pm

* (as usual) - in game adjustments by Mattison. I always start to panic in the 1st series (sometimes first 2 series) defensively because we look lost and semi-inept. And then we start to play D. I have to believe that part of GM's strategy is to play a generic D at the beginning to see what they're going to throw at us, and then implement one of the strategies that we worked on during the week.

* Jake Ryan is a stud. Period.

* Borges seemed to FINALLY make some adjustments to be less predictable. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he kept it generic in the beginning for Gardner's sake to get him into a rhythm. Our offense clicks when we are throwing from the endzone or on 1st/2nd downs (non-obvious passing situations). We started throwing to some intermediate routes. We started to spread the D out. All things that I've said before....damn, I should be an OC :lol:

* Of course the above only reinforces my belief that Gardner should have played last week - even if only in spot duty, or for a couple of series. I realize he took snaps this week and got to practice, but you can't tell me that he either got that good in 1 week or that he would've done worse than what we got. No offense to Russel. As I said, I just think it would have created a whole different dynamic.

* BTW, where was the "targeting the head" / "helmet-to-helmet contact" penalty against MN on that cheap shot to Gallon??? :?
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