Got "Three and Out" for Christmas.....

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Got "Three and Out" for Christmas.....

Postby BlueCheeseHead » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:16 am

Rockie, I know you asked me awhile back and honestly I neither had the book yet, nor would I have had a chance to read it at that point....but now I've started and let me just say that Mr. Bacon thus far has blown me away with some of these things. Basically everything I've come across so far (I'm a few chapters in where we've just started the 2008 season) has done nothing but validate EVERYTHING I said about this whole nightmare. I'll withhold too many comments at this point in the event that some of you haven't had a chance to read it, but: [stop reading if you don't want a few spoilers]

[ filler to bump stuff downward...kind of like a visual "Jeopardy" music intervention for thinking]


* a certain former coach is even more despicable in my eyes - his staff is no better [most of, not all of]

* former coach Gittleson should be ashamed and can go to hell. Barwis kicks your ass in every sense of the world: S&C knowledge AND as a human being

* certain former players can go to hell as well. f*ck you for thinking you are more important to UM than either it's great history, or it's fans that support it.

* f*ck Boren, Clemons, and the rest of the classless asshats who were allowed to walk our sacred football program's halls and turned on it. f*ck Mallett while we're at it too, and the coach who actively campaigned against the new regime...oh wait, I covered that in the first point, didn't I?

* a LARGE NUMBER of UM boosters and "fans" need to send apologies to RR and staff for spreading lies and bullshit along with their uncalled-for names

* rosenturd shouldn't have a job. I'm currently trying to figure out a way to bring him down, just as he did to our program. any ideas are welcome

* lies, deception, propaganda and more lies....I'm not sure how I'm going to believe ANYTHING relating to UM or CFB anymore.

* bill martin should have taken the advice to retire after getting the stadium renovation passed

* interesting info on DB in regards to the search committee and RR

* f*ck the fans who assaulted RR's ability to hire defensive coaches; martin for not giving casteel more $ and a contract (he gave Carr's asst's a contract that paid them after they weren't working for UM anymore - don't give me the b.s. that it wasn't the "Michigan way";

* speaking of the D hire, fans should apologize about shafer. if shafer were still there, we would never have been graced with the amazing denard robinson at qb...

* Les Miles should have been the coach all along, just as I said. F*ck the person (in Carr's camp, obviously) who leaked the bogus story to keep that from happening

* f*ck labadie and the rest of the administrative turncoats. I don't know if they're all gone, but they should be

* I noticed Bacon referred to UM gathered in the tunnel as looking like bees. I'm fairly sure he ripped that off from my old (missing) friend apu. C'mon John, if you can cite MgoBlog, why not wingedhelmet? We were here, and creating catch-phrases and driving UM fan traffic long before Mr. Cook ever had that magical twinkle in his typing fingers!

there is a ton more, but I'm already exhausted :|
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