Ok, credit where credit is due

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Ok, credit where credit is due

Postby BlueCheeseHead » Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:27 pm

as critical as I have been of Borges this year, it's time for me to put my tail between my legs and state that this game was a BRILLIANT game plan and series of play calls. Realizing that with Gardner at QB this is more of "his" type of offense, I'm actually more happy (and somewhat excited) not about formations and individual plays, but of the fact that he mixed things up, took chances and kept the Iowa defense on their toes. Even plays that earlier in the year were "boring and predictable" were effective and semi-exciting because the defense wasn't sure what to expect. They weren't closing in at full speed because they knew what was coming. However, I seriously hope that Gardner (being a throw-first but athletic QB with good running skills) is the prototypical QB that he's looking for vs a more standard pro-style QB (see also: statue). I think his abilities open up HUGE possibilities for the offense and creates a nightmare for opposing defenses and their coordinators.

Kudos for his creative use of Denard (and giving the kid a chance to play and contribute in his last Home game at Michigan Stadium). Enough cannot be said about Denard's commitment, dedication and leadership for this program over the last 4 years. Also like the inclusion of more Roundtree - notice how things opened up more for Gallon as a result? Using more intermediate routes and throws to the middle of the field. The 'balls' to go for it on 4th down near the goal line not once, but twice.

But now I'm concerned about the defense.... :x

Prayers for Fitz in his recovery. As gruesome as it may have been (it certainly looked it), hopefully there is no serious long-term damage.

Buckle up boys because it's now officially GAME WEEK!! (and we're going to be in for a dog fight in a nasty environment)
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