Goodbye Coach Hoke. Pack your bags

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Goodbye Coach Hoke. Pack your bags

Postby BlueCheeseHead » Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:51 pm

and go back to a conference that you can compete in like the MAC or Mountain West, because as I said from day 1 of the hire, you are a great man and Michigan lover, but you are in way over your head. We just got embarrassed by a mediocre sparty team, failed miserably on the road once again, failed miserably in the marginal B1G, and failed in yet another season. We will lose by 4+ TD's to ohio.

Borges is an absolute joke. He started off calling some decent plays with some balls, which clearly got cut off quickly at the first sign of a set back, at which point he reverted back to safe (stupid), boring and predictable. We are the only team that runs idiotc plays like read options/runs off tackle after a quick-change turnover in the opponents territory. Everyone else goes for the throat, but not us. Must be the "Michigan way"!

We were outcoached (yet again) and physically beaten (so much for Hoke's "emphasis" on that....basically he's just made us fatter and slower and more outdated in today's game). Obviously all of Hoke's "great" recruiting ain't so great now is it? Or (more likely) he and his staff don't know what to do with talent when they get it. The game has passed this program by. We are now not even the best program in the state of Michigan, and barely a mid-level Big Ten program.

And please don't anyone try to give me some sort of B.S. about how "great" sparty's defense is. They are good, they are not great. They would (and will) get smoked by any decent SEC, Pac12 or Big 12 team.
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