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RE: coaching change

Postby BlueCheeseHead » Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:19 pm

I know that many are going to go into an absolute depression or meltdown if JH isn't hired (esp amongst the mgoblog faithful), but I'm still wondering if he's a viable option? I guess we'll know soon.

Another thought though, has anyone else noticed that we have heard little to nothing on the negative of things from the Stoops camp? Notice that denials about the FL job came out very quickly from him....but not so much with Michigan. Maybe I'm just hoping too much and/or reading too much into it, but I really think Bob is more in play than people think. And I wouldn't be surprised if the JH smoke wasn't merely a distraction. Obviously if Stoops were to leave OU, it would be a MAJOR event - and one worth keeping secret.
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