Slight change in team entrance under the banner

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Slight change in team entrance under the banner

Postby NewYorkWolverine » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:24 am

Call it my OCD, but I notice little things. I remember when reading "Lasting Lessons," that Bo said the seniors would always be at the front of the line when the team ran onto the field. Pretty much the same under Moeller, lloyd and RichRod, if memory serves. With Hoke, he followed the team onto the field, saying "I'm behind them all the way," or words to that effect. Under Harbaugh, it hasn't necessarily been the seniors. Against Northwestern, DeVeon Smith and Jabrill Peppers are clearly at the front of the line. Could it be team captains for the game, or maybe part of Harbaugh's "competition" theme?
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