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2015 Class from Eric's board

Postby Rockie » Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:42 am

From Eric's Board: UM football going into winter program----just some opinions on 2015 class.

1) Brian Cole----still my #1 player in 2015 class. Could see the field as early as next yr---and depending on spring practices and summer program he could find his way into the starting line-up. Came to Um as a WR---had a very good spring last yr---even saw some early PT as a WR---was injured---and had some other issues that reached a very critical level. However, the last part of the season and bowl practices----Cole stood out as one of best athletes on team no matter what class. he has some work to do ---but with JH desire to get best athletes on the field---Cole I think becomes a big part of next yrs team

2) Newsome---Two big reasons he looks to be headed to a starting position-----he is big and can block. Very coachable player who really showed some great progress during the season----just hard to believe if he continues his approach that he will not become one of top 5 OL's next yr.

3) Grant Perry---biggest reason as I have him #3 is because he is the one player who actually contributed last yr. Great route runner and catches everything---but he is limited athletically---and could be pushed next yr by incoming players. He will never be an impact player---but when you have 2 very good WR's and a top TE---teams decided to give our slots some room and Perry took advantage of that ---especially in the bowl game.

4) Kinnel----Very good special teams player----and will be on the 2-deep at safety next yr. Needs to show more consistency--but you could say that about almost every player. Biggest need for improvement is simply get stronger and play more physical---but coaches really like him

5) Gentry---I actually could of put him as our #1 prospect in this class---physically he is just off the charts. While he played mostly TE in bowl practices----he by all accounts was pushing O'korn as the most impressive QB in practices all yr. Other players on team frequently talked about Gentry when asked about most impressive redshirt player. He finds a way on the field somewhere-----and will be very good wherever he plays.

Note:---every class has a top tier of players who look to be on the way of getting major PT early in their careers. Those are the 5 IMO

6) Reuben Jones----Could of been in top 5 except as of now---they are still experimenting with what position Jones plays. And now---we have a new DC who could have even a different opinion. but---he fits what Don Brown likes---a very physical player who just seems to love to play football---and was probably day in and day out the best practice player in terms of level of aggressiveness. I think staff likes him at LB.

7) Sheldon Johnson----my award for the most improved player in this class. he still needs some serious work in the weight room---but by the end of the yr was showing signs that he could become that pass-rushing specialist this team needs. Because of some issues with Marshall---Johnson basically passed him up in most minds-----Marshall if he does not realize it----needs to get his act together fast.

8) Keith Washington-----along with Jones---the player who just comes to practice and performs everyday. Keep in mind---first yr he played CB---but no doubt he has the size and athleticism coaches like. Along with Cole----most athletic player in this class. everyone is talking about Long and Hill as playing early next yr---but Washington may have something to say about that---in fact---players like stribling better keep progressing or Keith may end up taking his position.

Note:---to me---this is the next group---those players who should play at UM---but needs to have the right approach in off-season in order to fend off competition. they are not sure things IMO---like group one---but any one of these players may end up their careers at UM playing more and being more productive than anybody in the class.

9) Tyrone Wheatley----only reason he is not in first group is because he basically did not practice for the majority of the yr. and---there is still some question on where he plays. My opinion is he really needs a big off-season---lose some weight and become the next version of AJ Williams. It will be his fastest way on the field. He is never going to be a Jake Butt type of TE---but he is more than adequate at catching the ball---his strength is blocking.

10) John Runyan JR. ----under the radar----alot of things would have to fall in place for him to play early in his career. His best shot is continue to get stronger and by his redshirt soph or Jr yr get an opportunity. Very hard working kid----OL's are hard to judge----Drevno seems to really like him.

11) Karan Higdon---at one time really had a chance to get some snaps---but his practice performance suffered. Although we have very little impact players at RB---it is the one position UM is going to recruit hard in the future. I am just not as high on Higdon as others.

12) Nolan Ulizio----see John Runyan---just think at this point---runyan is ahead. and with level of players coming to UM---it is going to be tough and take some major improvement for Nolan to become a starter. could be a program kid long term---but again--who knows with OL's

13. Malzone----I put him down this low not because of his ability or his performance---it just the level of competition he is going to have to overcome. But--one of best attitudes of any player on team----and will work as hard as he can to win some playing time. Just not sure he will ever be a starter at UM.

14) David====did not pay much attention to kicking situation.
Overall----anytime you can get up to 9 players in any class that make a significant impact---its a good class. this class just has limited numbers---but they have some players who bring some much needs athleticism to the team---especially on defense. will update their progress this spring
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